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We are excited about solid wood furniture. One of the biggest decisions when purchasing furniture is whether or not to buy furniture made of solid wood, MDF or particleboard. While solid wood furniture can be more costly than the lower-priced alternative in the beginning we feel the extra cost is worth it in the end. Well built solid wood furniture looks beautiful, is incredibly durable and is designed to last. Due to its these qualities, solid wood furniture can be repaired when damaged or refinished as styles change. MDF and particleboard veneers can swell and come apart when wet, be damaged when moved or peel blister and de-laminate. Another benefit is the natural way wood furniture is manufactured versus MDF and particle board pieces which require more chemicals to produce. Wood is renewable it is a raw material that grows and replenishes its self while removing carbon from the air. Using solid wood to build furniture delivers more with a lighter overall footprint. Do the math and count on solid wood furniture! Save even more by finishing at home.

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